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Welcome to the website of Macau Social Enterprise Co. Ltd!

“Macau Social Enterprise” (MSE) provides employment referral and vocational training course service for the local unemployed as well as workers with inadequate work. All those who are in need of this service under the industry are welcome to visit the MSE office to register in person.

For registration, please bring the following documents along:

Macau I.D.
Valid occupation safety card (issue date - 6 months or above)
Documents related to building industry (certified letter from ex-employer, dismissal letter from ex-employer)
Domicile documents (water, electricity bills etc.)
A recent 1 1/2” photo
* Job seeking registration document from the "Labor Affairs Bureau"
* Social Security Fund no.
* upon availablity

Our gratitude

The establishment of “Macau Social Enterprise”(MSE) has aroused the concern of the society. Macau SAR government provides strong support to MSE; in the government work summary of fiscal year 2009, Chief Executive, Edmund Ho Hau Wah, mentioned “The establishment of social enterprise by the local society members, broadened the channels of support for the unemployed”. In addition, with the support of the Labor Affairs Bureau; Lands, Publics, Public Works & Transport Bureau; Macao Cartography & Cadastre Bureau, GDI – Gabinete para o Desenvolvimento de Infra-estruturas; Civic & Municipal Affairs Bureau and other government organizations and departments, MSE is able to operate smoothly.

At the same time, MSE has obtained assistance from the industry and community groups including relevant trade associations – Macao Chamber of Commerce, Macao Association of Building Contractors & Developers; Macao Construction Association and Macao Construction Machinery Engineering Association. Furthermore, a number of construction and non-construction companies have jobs offered, interviews and employment opportunities to MSE registered workers (please refer to “Successful Job Match” on this site for details).

MSE owes full thanks to all the above institutions for their great support without which MSE would not be able to develop to the present state.

* Thank You *

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