MSE News Release

  1. Total registered number: 1655 people (From 7th Sept, 2009 – 30th Sept, 2010)
  2. Number of successful job match: involved over 1300 times
  3. Number of company involved (construction and non-construction area): over 70 companies
  4. Number of people who was benefited during the training:
    Students (367 people)
    Working staffs at the training venue (unemployed workers: 4 people)
    Local tutors (unemployed workmates: 4 people)
  5. Most of the temporary working staffs at the training venue afterwards found other job offered such as hotel maintenance, casino construction, other subcontract project, etc
  6. Project in progress:
    Sub-contractor Training Project sub-contractor had other career progress
    Maintenance of Low-Rise Building – help train workmates on preparing quotation and technical skills
    Small-scaled indoor renovation – train workmates on preparing quotation and technical skills
    Small-scaled project (logistic portage, cleaning, maintenance) – pose opportunity for unemployed workmates to group themselves as small working team to provide tendered service
  7. Job referral as in permanent contract: 
    Number of people who was benefited – 27 people
    Number of company participated – 25 companies
    Job vacancy – over 200
    Workmates remain employed at present – 8 people
    Salary for long-term job - from $5000 to $8500 / month
  8. What other options that may suits the remaining unemployed (those with low skill / high aged) ?


A number of large-scaled constructions restarted their project and indeed certain casino construction has already involved in mass recruitment as early as March.  The job referral of MSE thus also focused on small and medium sized company and other subcontracted projects.  The number of unemployed workmates who registered with us drops permanently, the registered number as 387 from the 1st season 2010 dropped to 81 at the 3rd season 2011. Over half of the registered people are with the age over 50 while 171 people are aged over 60.  Registered workmate with skills and working experience can usually find jobs within short period of time, these people consists 70% from our list.  There is approximately 10% of unskilled aged workmates who are only willing to participate in training course granted with living allowance. Even though they are offered with suitable job, they are reluctant to join the workforce.  On the other hand, 20% of registered workmates hope to obtain relatively high paid and undemanding job, they are unwilling to join the workforce although given several job referral opportunities.

Furthermore, the majority of the registered workmates are unskilled, only a small proportion of them know plumbing, painting and bricklaying.  It seems not often that registered workmates possess high skill in the construction area. [please refer to chart 1]  Mostly, the working schedule of unskilled workmates follows the track of the whole procedure and the restriction of the construction site; it is not likely that a whole lot of unskilled workmates are employed all at the same time.  Thus, the option of unskilled construction workmates is either skills upgrade or career transformation.

Assist workmates for career transformation and introduce job outside the construction field

Apart from introducing job within the construction field to workmates, MSE also keeps introducing jobs from different fields to the remaining workmates who are comparatively aged and with low skilled (occupying 30% of the registered candidates).  It is common practice that whenever each project finishes, the whole work team has to be dismissed and since this group of workmate joins the related field only at these recent years, it is tricky for them to take hold of the skills needed by the labour market and thus can help them to sustain their employment condition.  Once again, they hope that there will be construction company which requires only low-skilled and undemanding work., so their work life in the construction area can be sustained.  It is obvious that the more elder the workmates, the lower the chance for them to find another work opportunity all over again.  Base on this, MSE continuously contact the management of schools, corporations and shops  so as to locate some vacancies which can last longer and be more stable.  MSE hope that workmates will not be troubled again by their unemployment and lack of workload condition form times to times.  These new vacancies include school helpers, school maintenance, building caretaker, building cleaner, security, fashion outlet assistant, office assistant, waiter, kitchen porter, restaurant helper, hotel cleaner,



MSE concludes the previous job matching effort and found out that the construction field has continuously provided different job vacancies for the past year.  Since the beginning of its operation, workmates had already approached MSE in search of jobs.  In the 4th quarter of the previous year (2009), the ratio of vacancies offered compared to the number of people who have job match is 4:1, until this year (2010) the latest quarter, the ratio changed to 29:1.  The number last year reflected that for every 4 vacancies, there were only 1 workmate who start work; the number this year showed that for the 29 vacancies offered, there was 1 workmate who wanted to start work.  This also explained that there were not many workmates left unemployed and while there is an increasing number of a construction project commencing, the gap between both tends to be wider. Apparently, the local labour force cannot satisfy totally the enormous demand for the human resources in the construction field. [please refer to chart 2]

The data showed that the majority of unemployed workmates has passed middle age, for those registered candidate with over 50 years old occupies over 50% of the list.  Some of the candidates with over 60 years old managed to obtain a job through MSE as for the remaining candidates expressed their will that they would like to join the training course where they can be granted with living allowance.

The above mentioned chart and data expressed the critical situation of the insufficient human resources in the construction filed.  The aging of the present work force and the lack of local youth or middle aged group joining the construction field contribute the outcome.  As for the future, it is not pessimistic at all to expect a continuous supply of human resources.  How will the insufficient supply of construction workforce be relieved?  How can the construction industry break away from this scenario and facilitate the continuous development of the infrastructure in Macau meanwhile assist workmates who are no longer capable to be in the construction field to find other substitute options.  These issues require discussion from different groups within the society.  MSE hopes to serve its best so as to continuously work for the society at different aspects.

Chart 1                   Chart 2

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