The Establishment of the Enterprise

The Macau SAR government emphasized in the administration report of 2009 that by co-operating with the locals, social enterprises should be set up in order to efficiently adjust, control human resources aiming at helping the underprivileged groups and assisting the unemployed under the affect of economic crises; solving the local unemployment issue and maintaining employment competitiveness.

To cope with the relevant policy of the SAR government, this group of 30 building industry business people spontaneously set up the “Macau Social Enterprise Co. Ltd.” through which employment referral and training are conducted to solve substantially the unemployment concern of the region. Given the industry builders are severely disadvantaged under the Macao economic system, MSE now prepares and offers them advanced corresponding assistance enabling them to merge into the society the soonest the possible and be competitive in the job market.

MSE hopes and believes this service could be extended to the other industries, so different industries within the society can provide relevant support to accomplish the endeavor of social responsibility.

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