Newspaper Articles
1 「社會關懷 愛心發放」活動 2011-02-10
2 MSE News Release 2010-10-30
3 Son Pou: MSE Reviews Work Accomplished for The Past Year 2010-10-30
4 MSE: Registered Workers Refused to Be Referred to Job Such as School Helper 2010-10-28
5 MSE Referred 1300 for Work Within One Year 2010-10-28
6 Peter Lam: Develop Social Enterprise to Benefit a Harmonious Society 2010-09-17
7 Social Welfare Bureau of MSAR Government Paid Visit to MSE 2010-09-17
8 Hong Kong Specialist: Social Enterprise Needs Collateral Support 2010-09-17
9 Social Enterprise Needs Profit for Sustainability 2010-09-17
10 Social Enterprise: Another pathway for the Unemployed 2010-09-17
11 The Labour Affairs Bureau organizes diverse training program for the construction industry 2010-4-27 2010-07-21
12 Social Enterprise Supporting a Harmonious Macau - The People's Political Consultative Daily 2010-03-23
13 Civic Municipal Affair Bureau in support of unemployed workers to enter into employment 2010-03-03
14 Over 1000 construction workers registered with MSE after its establishment 2010-01-22
15 Social Enterprise Offered Job Referral to 200 Construction Workers who are Employed 2010-01-02
16 Coaching candidate to be sub-contractor to receives light project and develop job opportunities 2010-01-02
17 Peter Lam: Training program will be continued to raise the skills of workers 2009-12-16
18 Training Program of Social Enterprise started yesterday 2009-12-16
19 The Launching of the Training Program of Social Enterprise 2009-12-16
20 MSE Received 438 Applications After Servicing Two Months 2009-11-03
21 Job Referral Service Turns to Be More Proficient With the Support of Government officials and Business Circles 2009-11-01
22 After Two Months’ of Operation, MSE has 440 People Registered; Job Referral Rate Achieved 65% 2009-11-01
23 Over 20 Workers are Employed through the Job Referral of MSE 2009-09-16
24 Labour Union : Capable Means for Construction Worker to Obtain Job 2009-09-08
25 MSE Anticipates to Balance the supply of Human Resource 2009-09-08
26 MSE Offers Employment Training 2009-09-07
27 To Cope with the Government Policy Address, Protect and Obtain employment; protect livelihood of locals, a group of 30 public figures set up MSE 2009-08-26
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