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1 「社會關懷 愛心發放」活動
2 MSE News Release
3 Son Pou: MSE Reviews Work Accomplished for The Past Year
4 MSE: Registered Workers Refused to Be Referred to Job Such as School Helper
5 MSE Referred 1300 for Work Within One Year
6 Peter Lam: Develop Social Enterprise to Benefit a Harmonious Society
7 Social Welfare Bureau of MSAR Government Paid Visit to MSE
8 Hong Kong Specialist: Social Enterprise Needs Collateral Support
9 Social Enterprise Needs Profit for Sustainability
10 Social Enterprise: Another pathway for the Unemployed
11 The Labour Affairs Bureau organizes diverse training program for the construction industry 2010-4-27
12 Social Enterprise Supporting a Harmonious Macau - The People's Political Consultative Daily
13 Civic Municipal Affair Bureau in support of unemployed workers to enter into employment
14 Over 1000 construction workers registered with MSE after its establishment
15 Social Enterprise Offered Job Referral to 200 Construction Workers who are Employed
16 Coaching candidate to be sub-contractor to receives light project and develop job opportunities
17 Peter Lam: Training program will be continued to raise the skills of workers
18 Training Program of Social Enterprise started yesterday
19 The Launching of the Training Program of Social Enterprise
20 MSE Received 438 Applications After Servicing Two Months
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